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December 06, 2005

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1) Elvis Presley Quotes:

"It’s rare when an artist’s talent can touch an entire generation of people. It’s even rarer when that same influence affects several generations. Elvis made an imprint on the world of pop music unequaled by any other single performer."

Dick Clark

"...if any individual of our time can be said to have changed the world, Elvis Presley is the one. In his wake more than music is different. Nothing and no one looks or sounds the same. His music was the most liberating event of our era because it taught us new possibilities of feeling and perception, new modes of action and appearance, and because it reminded us not only of his greatness, but of our own potential."

Greil Marcus From his book, Mystery Train.

"Elvis Presley was an explorer of vast new landscapes of dream and illusion. He was a man who refused to be told that the best of his dreams would not come true, who refused to be defined by anyone else’s perceptions. This is the goal of democracy, the journey on which every American hero sets out. That Elvis made so much of the journey on his own is reason enough to remember him with the honor and love we reserve for the bravest among us. Such men made the only maps we can trust."

Dave Marsh From his book, Elvis.

"It’s always been my dream to come to Madison Square Garden and be the warm-up act for Elvis."

Senator Al Gore

Accepting the nomination for vice president at the 1992 Democratic Convention & prior to Bill Clinton's (aka "Elvis" by his security staff) acceptance of the presidential nomination.

"You know, Bush is always comparing me to Elvis in sort of unflattering ways. I don’t think Bush would have liked Elvis very much, and that’s just another thing that’s wrong with him."

Bill Clinton During the 1992 presidential campaign.

"He had total love in his eyes when he performed. He was the total androgenous beauty. I would practice Elvis in front of the mirror when I was twelve or thirteen years old."

k.d. lang

"I'm sitting in the drive-through and I've got my three girls in the back and this station comes on and it's playing "Jailhouse Rock," the original version, and my girls are jumping up and down, going nuts. I'm looking around at them and they've heard Dad's music all the time and I don't see that out of them."

Garth Brooks

"Ask anyone. If it hadn't been for Elvis, I don't know where popular music would be. He was the one that started it all off, and he was definitely the start of it for me."

Elton John

2) Music Legends Biography Article:


Was being a "prisoner" sort of counteractive to what Elvis could’ve actually done? Do you think he was too frightened, or was it instilled in him to be so protected and protective that he dared not go out into the general public?

No, he tried. Even in Las Vegas where people like Frank Sinatra, many of the stars, Sammy Davis — they could go out and pretty well mingle. They could go down if they wanted to gamble or whatever.

People didn’t bother them too much. But Elvis tried it — once — and the whole casino... everybody stopped playing and came around just to watch and see what he was doing, and he could not get out and do what most people do, and everything had to be at night.

And still, I mean he would rent movies at night because he couldn’t go to a regular movie, but still the gate was always crowded with fans and they would follow and they would be at the movie when it was over, and it was constant.

We were always trying to find different ways to go places but he didn’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings, but he did wish he had a little more privacy.

PERRY: There were like two Elvis Presleys. When Elvis was at home he was Elvis Presley. But when on stage, that was a different Elvis Presley. That's what he loved to do.

Talking about he liked people to notice him. We'd drive down Sunset Boulevard at rush hour and he'd drive the car just to see the look on people's face when they would see him driving

August 27 1965

"Before Elvis there was nothing." John Lennon

The Beatles spend the evening talking and playing music with Elvis Presley at his Bel air home.


I guess when the British invasion first started to penetrate the charts in the States, Elvis at that time, and you all at that time, must have taken a step back and said to yourselves what’s happening here, we need to reassert our place in the marketplace because all these limeys are coming over and taking our money.

No, Elvis always said there’s room for everybody. He was never threatened, in fact when he had his home in Bel Air, and I guess everybody knows about when the Beatles came to his house.

It was one of the best, fun times we ever had. We just sat around. Ringo, myself and my cousin played pool.

Ringo was kind of a loner, the rest of them and Elvis sat and chit-chatted all night and had a ball.

The only thing, when he was in the Army, he felt like his hands were tied and everybody was doing their thing when he was in the Army but he said I’ve got this to do, and then I hope they’ll remember me when I get out, but he never wished anybody any bad luck or anything like that.

Maybe you’ve heard he did, but don’t believe it.

3) This month’s top Fan Survey Responses:

First Name: Nate
Country: United States
1. How and when did you first hear about Elvis Presley?:
My Aunt Carol and Uncle Dave when I was 6.

2. What was it that got you hooked on Elvis?:
His Music.

3. If Elvis were alive, what would you like to say to him or ask him?:
How did you know that rock'n'roll was for you???

4. WHICH is your favourite Elvis Presley song or movie?:
A Little Less Conversation.

5. WHY is it your favourite? :
I could relate to it because I don't really talk all that much.

6. Who do you think Elvis loved most in his life, his greatest love?:
Lisa Marie.

7. Where were you and what were you doing when you heard that Elvis had died?:
I was not around at that time but i saw it on a tv speical.

8. Why do you think Elvis still attracts new fans every year, even long after his death?:
Because his music and life time was and is the best around and he keeps on selling those records decades later!!!

9. Do you collect Elvis music or memorabilia?
Yes, Music, Movies, Posters, Books, Figurines, Personal items, Souveneir items, other

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5) Editor’s Notes & Humor:

Editor’s Note:

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19. Success is getting up one more time.

20. When things go wrong... don't go with the flow.

21. NOW ... is the most interesting time of all.

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