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Elvis Fans

Aug 10, 2010
Elvis reigns supreme and always will.
by: Chris Clarke

Hi, I agree with the comments about Elvis fans. Elvis touched many hearts in many countries. Some people seem to think that he is only still popular in the UK and US which we fans know is not true, they also believe that Elvis fans are all "oldies" which again we know is not true. I have many friends through Facebook who are Elvis fans and are of all ages. When I went to the virtual tour concert back in February in Manchester UK. The arena was packed with young and old alike, the camera was put ont he faces of some of the people in the front rows downstairs and they were all ages, standing and really getting into the mood of things. Elvis will be with us forever because his legacy lives on in us, our children and in many cases their chilren. There truly will never be such an influence on people as Elvis, now 33 years since he left us but I dare bet that thousands will turn up to Graceland next week for Elvis week, I wish I was one of them and will try my hardest to be there one of these times. I did visit Memphis in 09 and I must say it was one of the most wonderful experiences of my life. I would urge any fan to try and go, I know it costs but I think it is worth saving for. It is something I will never ever forget,, visiting Tupelo, Beale St, Sun Studios and of course Graceland, just sitting on Graceland Plaza was amazing, sitting watching the shuttle buses taking fans up and down the drive, watching the fans with their Elvis carrier bags full of memorabelia. I did find it a very very emotional experience also when in the meditation garden which my friend and I visited every morning just to sit by Elvis grave quietly and pay our respects. Very Very emotional indeed. Bless you all Elvis fans, keep Elvis name alive, his memory alive and long may he reign as the most wonderful singer/entertainer of all time. God Bless you Elvis.

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