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Elvis Presley Dee Part-3 article page
of the Elvis Presley biography story

ElvisPresleyPicture This Elvis Presley biography Dee Part-3page is dedicated to providing quality Elvis Presley biography information, pictures and articles for your entertainment. The contents of this Elvis Presley site is written by a fan for his fans about Dee Part-3 .


Read about when Dee talks with Elvis' Spirit

Read here to know more about "The Stanley Brothers:

While in Germany, Dee made a phone call to clerk at the Grunewald and was connected to the Presley room, when the call was answered Dee asked to speak to Elvis, much to her surprise Elvis had answered the call.

Dee introduced herself also mentioning that to Elvis that he may know her husband, who is an officer at the base. As she spoke welcoming Elvis to Germany, and offering her condolences for the loss of his mother, Gladys.

Elvis Presley biography, Dee Part-3 Dee then lifting the sprit of the phone call, and invited Elvis and his family for a home cooked supper, one night.

Elvis asked Dee to call back on the coming Monday, as he was going to be out of town, and it would also give him a chance to speak to his daddy about it.

Bill surprised Dee with a visit to the base to meet Elvis Presley, Dee was quite surprised at her husband doing this for her because like many husbands knowing their wives liked Elvis, that would be the last thing they would encourage, meeting Elvis Presley.

But as it turned out Elvis wasn’t on the post that day, Elvis was able to spend his evenings and weekends off base as long as he wasn’t on special duty. Dee picked up the phone and made the call to Elvis on the Monday as previously arranged with Elvis.

Elvis invited Dee for coffee at the hotel. When Dee arrived at the lobby in the hotel she was expecting to see Elvis waiting at the balcony. A mans voice then spoke from behind her saying, "Mrs. Stanley," as she turned to answer, she was face to face with Vernon Presley.

Vernon and Dee both stood in silence, unable to respond to one another for a short time. Dee was very nervous for she worried that she would say something silly and embarrass herself.

They then went into the main dinning room for coffee, Dee would also met Minnie Mae Presley. While they sat chatting over coffee Dee and Vernon hardly blinked as the eye contact between them was obvious something was happening. Dee felt an instant attraction to Vernon. She found herself studying Vernon’ face, seeing traces of much sadness, but that is to be expected with the loss of his wife Gladys.

But there in his sparkling blue eyes, Dee felt something in this man that was warm and loving. There were feelings Dee began having being in Vernon’s company that she had only known to have with her husband, and although it worried her the attraction towards Vernon were very real and made it difficult to ignore them.

After the coffee, Vernon walked Dee to her car. Just as she was about to get into her car, Vernon took hold of Dee putting his arm around her waist with deep eye contact while telling her how happy he was they had met. Then he said with confidence, " I’m sure we will be seeing one another again very soon."

Elvis Presley biography, Dee Part-3, Elvis was unable to make the coffee meeting, and it wasn’t until Dee was on her drive home, that she come to realize she hadn’t even given not meeting Elvis another thought. As Dee seemed to be preoccupied with other thoughts.

The very next day Dee received a call from Vernon Presley, arranging to all go out together, Dee was a little more at ease knowing her husband was involved in the date.Dee thought it really strange with the friendship that developed between Bill and Vernon in such a short time, it was almost instant.

The friendship seemed to grow immediately, they would all spend time together sitting around talking enjoying one another’s company, and this would make them become even better friends. Vernon was almost becoming part of the family. Bill would at times give Vernon a call and ask him to take Dee out shopping, when he wasn’t able too.

Vernon would then take the opportunity to spend more time with Dee and her children. Vernon was aware that spending time with Dee and her children would draw her closer to him, and with Bill’s regular absences Vernon was able to use his time with Dee and the boy’s wisely.

Bill had no idea of Vernon’s intentions towards his wife, the only thing Bill was aware of was his wife being so happy, and Bill would even call Vernon expressing his thanks and appreciation.

In that first month the friendship grew stronger, for Vernon was becoming more involved with Dee than her own husband, but Dee’ own guilt was also increasing because her feelings for Vernon were growing deeper. Although she was dealing with a lot of guilt she wasn’t able to stop the attraction or the comfort of being with Vernon Presley.

It was only a matter of time before their desires turned to passion, with the first kiss in Vernon’ room at the Grunewald. Afterwards Dee was filled with mixed emotions, one of her feelings were for the first time she felt she had truly been loved by a man. But also along with her wonderful experience, came the guilt of what was going on between Vernon and herself, then her emotions had control as she burst into tears.

Dee and Vernon continued to see one other, they would go off together for hours. Bill was always a busy man and wasn’t home a great deal of the time, and because Bill and Dee didn’t sleep together in the bedroom he wasn’t aware of the depth of the friendship between Dee and Vernon. Which was becoming more of a relationship as it had gone beyond friendship.

Dee felt major depth of guilt, as she knew what she was doing to her family. But also knowing Vernon was always there for her . Vernon would often call the house when Bill was home, she wasn’t able to talk at those times and she would say, "Sorry, you have called the wrong number."

Dee’ guilt of being involved with Vernon behind her husbands back was taking control.Dee made a decision one afternoon after being out with Vernon to end things with him. She also decided to live with her husband as his wife, and if that doesn’t work to go back home on her own to try and make it on her own.

On her return home that day her three boys were happily playing with their babysitter, it was also on this day Ten years ago Bill and Dee become husband and wife.

Not long after Dee got home the telephone rang, it was Vernon.Dee was careful with her words when telling Vernon she no longer wanted to continue seeing him and then told him to never call her again.

Although Vernon’ Feelings were hurt by Dee’ words, he wasn’t letting her go without the chance to have his say for he was not going to take no for an answer. Explaining he knows she wouldn’t stay with Bill for the rest of her life. Then telling her he wants to marry her and asked her to go back to the States to make a start with her divorce papers, letting her know he loves her and would be there for her.

As the years continued in Germany, so did the pressure and mixed feelings of what to do about her situation with Vernon and her marriage to Bill.

There was so much to consider with making the decision final, her boys and the effect it would have on their lives. But then her thought went to Vernon, he was always there for her, even when the phone would ring she knew it was Vernon.

Vernon would call her, giving security and warmth in his beautiful words like, ▒Dee you are my life. I cannot live without you’. These words meant a whole New World to Dee.Bill Dee and Vernon continued as always, being out together at parties and dinners, with Bill not for one minute concerned or suspected anything was going on between Vernon and his wife.

Dee was dealing with many feelings and needed time to herself to try and get her thoughts together, for she loved both men but not in the same way. Dee decided to take off back to Virginia with her three boys and visit relatives.

On the day of her departure both Bill and Vernon took Dee and the boys to the Frankfurt airport . The boys were very excited about their trip with much laughter and rough stuff while traveling in the car.

Bill and Vernon were distant with silence.Dee and the boys boarded the plane, Dee looked back at Bill and Vernon standing side by side at the fence, as she waved good bye. Dee knew at that time she would leave her husband Bill Stanley.

After Bill watched the plane takeoff with his wife and boys on board, he asked Vernon back to the house for a drink. Bill was feeling quite down, with expressing his feelings and concerns to Vernon telling him in a down emotion, "Ive lost Dee."

Then reaching out to Vernon, telling him he is his dearest friend. Bill then asked Vernon to help get his wife back, explaining, "Dee will listen to you, she loved you, you know."Vernon was totally struck for words, because of his own feelings and intentions to marry Dee Stanley.

When Vernon got back to the states in April, he invited Dee to Graceland. Arriving at the white limestone mansion, a vision never forgotten it was magical, as the entrance was just spectacular with the amazing glow surrounding the mansion, the beauty of Graceland was absolutely breath taking.

Being at Graceland not only offered beauty, but most important to her was security, good education, Church, respectable people and a good family atmosphere for her children was highly on her list.

Vernon would also take care of any insecurity Dee had about how Vernon really felt about her boys, Vernon made a promise to Dee that the boys would live at Graceland, also giving his word her boys would never have to worry about anything.

Vernon opened separate bank accounts for each of her three boys depositing a good amount of money, to help Dee take care of them while her divorce proceedings continued.

Vernon headed back to Germany in May.Now was the time for Dee to come clean, telling Bill their marriage is over. When Bill rushed home to his wife, Dee just couldn’t bring herself to hurt him. But then the day had come, when one day a message arrived from Vernon saying, "Will be arriving soon, can’t live without you."

Dee came home that afternoon to Bill standing there with the telegram as he flashed in her face. Saying to Dee, "I probably made this happen, didn’t I"? As he asked with deep sadness in his heart.

She was given no choice but to confess. Bill now knowing the truth and faced divorce, Bill made a desperate attempt to have his stay by his side, making promises to move to Hawaii, and leaving the service.

As much as it hurt Dee to do this to her husband, she was not going to let her emotions rule the rest of her life. She had her mind set and it wasn’t about to change now.

Vernon and Dee, became husband and wife on July 3, 1960. They were married in Huntsville, Alabama. It was a small gathering, Elvis didn’t attend his fathers wedding.Elvis stayed in Memphis, but phoned to congratulate the newlywed’s on that evening.Mrs. Dee Presley would now become "official" mistress of Graceland.

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ElvisPresleyPicture This autobiography page is dedicated to providing quality Elvis Presley biography information, pictures and articles for your entertainment. The contents of this Elvis Presley biography site is written by a fan for his fans.

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