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Visit online map of Sydney, Australia.

Elvis impersonator in Sydney

by Simon

Mark Barsenbach grew up in Sydney, Australia and has been singing since he was a child. He was exposed to music of the 60's and 70's and was introduced to Elvis at the age of 5. When he was a teenager he formed his own band in which he was the lead singer and they were successful singing at parties and local gigs.

Over the years many people have commented to Mark how much he looks like Elvis, and how naturally similar his singing voice is to Elvis Presley. "If you close your eyes, you would think it is Elvis singing" is a common remark people make to Mark following his performances. Mark's shows are energetic and exciting. His attention to detail is a tribute to Mark's dedication in making your special occasion as close as he can as if you were seeing a performance of "The King" himself. Mark's rendition of some of Elvis` romantic ballads has left people in tears and his electrifying performances have left people screaming for more.

Mark has recently returned from the 2009 Parkes Elvis Festival where he performed his show to standing-room only audiences at the Parkes Leagues Club.

Mark's resemblance, authentic costumes, amazing singing voice and his attention to detail is a testimony that you will be assured you've booked the best entertainer for your function.

His website is http://www.markbarsenbach.com.au I suggest you go and check it out.


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