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Comments for
Elvis Presley 1975-1977 by Jeff Schrembs 2010 All Rights Reserved

Sep 23, 2010
jeff schrenbs elvis presley 1975 1977
by: Anonymous

remarkable story
very well written
elvis voice in the last few years of his life was awesome and i am happy jeff put that into his story
why is it that the elvis estate does not reach out to jeff and the entire living members of the memphis mafia before they are all gone
making money is one thing but doing the right thing is priceless
i am keeping my name anonymous but i knew elvis since the 1960's and i met jeff schrembs in the 70's when he was a younger man. they had much in common and we could learn more from jeff if elvis presley ent. gave jeff a permanent profile. i can't think of another person worthy of that

May 29, 2010
Jeff Schrembs Elvis Article
by: Anonymous

i keeping my name away from online because people track me down and ask questions all day long. i know jeff since he was in high school andwe kept up after i moved to washington dc area a few years ago. jeff wanted to have all of the 8mm and 16mm (some with audio) converted to digital. each canister was labeled and a notepad had notes about the date time and there were the ticket stubs, etc. after putting together two of these and tweaking the sound it turned into a first rate full concert. that day we only finished 2 of them but jeff pointed to a wall where there were firesafes stacked about5 up and 5 across so 25. he said inside were 20 of these tapes and he had more being restored and then those would be digitally done. even after all these years Elvis is "King" and thanks jeff for your writings. and please hurry up and get all those movies done!
everyone please have a nice weekend and if you know/see someone in need please, if you can, lend a hand.

May 27, 2010
Elvis Presley 1975-1977
by: Jeff Schrembs

Thank you for your wonderful and thoughtful comment.
We intent on publishing the most comprehensive expose EVER WRITTEN about Elvis' real medical ailments starting in 1941-1977.
Additionally, we have a comprehensive casefile (for decades now) between the Estate and Colonel Parker (Note: this case ended in a "settlement" due to the fact that Colonel Parker was an Illegal Alien and therefor was afforded additional legal protections including Bankruptcy) which confirm, along with other facts, that Elvis was forced to perform more shows (including the two shows a night in Las Vegas for 30 days at a time which is/was UNHEARD OF)thus putting his body into more danger. This is on top of the IRS scenario which Colonel Parker maniuplated as he was affraid of an audit which would have confirmed his SS# was INVALID.
As an example IF Elvis had taken ONE concert, which was to be setup within the Great Pyramids, Elvis would have earned MORE money (gross and net) that he got from selling his RCA Catalog (which not only deprived him from monthly revenue but Colonel Parker was getting 20% on top of 20% on top of 50%).
Colonel Parker always kept a "running tab" of everything (he said) Elvis owed him. This amount varied from 1972-1977 but it was always over a million dollars and Colonel Parker threatened to tie Elvis up in Court (if only Elvis had called his bluff but Elvis did not know the Colonel was cheating him out of money AND being an illegal alien).
Through all of this Elvis "sucked it up" and went onstage and sang his heart out.
Please let others know about this article and thank you again.
Jeff Schrembs

May 25, 2010
brilliant article
by: Chris Clarke

What an absolutely brilliant article, I could go on reading it forever. It still breaks my heart that after all these years we miss Elvis as though it were only yesterday and it may sound silly but I wish how I wish I had been able to help him, to be there for him to slap his face and tell him "no more Elvis , no more pills, there are millions of people out there who love you." As I said it may sound silly but I wish I could have "mothered him" even though he would be 14 years older than me. It really hurts me when people disrespect Elvis, I feel I want to shake them and make them understand that Elvis was not just a singer/entertainer, he was a wonderful person, so giving without question, so humble, so generous to people he did not know, paying off their debts , buying cars, paying hospital bills, etc.
It also breaks my heart to know that Elvis name was taken off the Arizona war memorial at Pearl Harbor after he died because a number of senators said Elvis "took drugs" yes he did, medication drugs. Does it then mean that everyone in the world that takes medication on a regular basis are "druggies"? That makes me one too then because I take regular medication. Therefore, I started a site on Facebook called "Show Elvis Some Charity as he showed to others" It is to get Elvis name back onto the war memorial. For those who do not know Elvis donated thousands of dollars from a concert he gave I believe the amount was $62.000. I would ask anyone reading this please go onto Facebook and add your name to the group,, at the moment there is about 500 names on there. We need to do this for Elvis. Thanks a million and I hope that we can do this for Elvis. LETS DO IT!!!!!!!

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