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Elvis Presley Stamps Quartet article page
of the Elvis Presley biography story

First Name: Taylor Braden — Office Manager

E-mail Address: thestampsquartet@comcast.net

Country: United States

Message:: Hello,

It has been brought to my attention from Stamps Quartet fans across the world that you have infringed on the trademark / copyright of the Stamps Quartet name.

IN August 2003, Ed Enoch was granted ALL LEGAL RIGHTS of ownership to the OFFICIAL and LEGAL trademark to the Stamps Quartet name.

No one but Mr. Enoch is allowed to use the Stamps Quartet name. Not in any publications, magazines, or on the internet AND your website without written permission.

You deleted the Stamps Quartet's trademarked name, and all the information pertaining to the Stamps Quartet from Wikipedia on the internet.

YOU are in direct VIOLATION of trademark and copyright infringement. You are hereby instructed to REMOVE ALL the unauthorized information regarding the Stamps Quartet taken from Wikipedia information from your website IMMEDIATELY.

You were NOT authorized to delete the Stamps Quartet information from Wikipedia and add it to your website. If the Stamps Quartet / Wikipedia information is NOT removed within 48 hours, you will be contacted by our attorneys for trademark infringement which is a FEDERAL offense.

Thank You.

Our email address: thestampsquartet@comcast.net

Please Note:

Since people like this are supposedly representing Ed Enoch and The Stamps 'trademarked' name, and taking this shockingly aggressive tone dealing with respectful Elvis Presley websites, you have chosen to remove this Wikipedia public domain information article, and let the fans see for themselves why this was necessary.