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Comments for
Elvis Presley latest Potato Head (by Jeffrey Schrembs)

Jun 12, 2010
Jeffrey Schrembs Elvis Presley
by: Anonymous

thanks jeffrey for your great articles sorry to hear about your illness. elvis fans need to stand up and band together.

Jun 12, 2010
Potato head Elvis
by: Chris Clarke

Please do not buy this awful vile, THING. It is disrespectful to Elvis, He was a gorgeous looking man and this makes him out to be a monster. Elvis gets enough stick from fans of other artists(guess who) calling him al kinds of awful things, because he was bloated at the end and now the story of his constipation has come out from DR Nick. PLEASE PLEASE go onto the site on Facebook and lets try and stop this monstrosity from getting onto the shelves.I don`t know what EPE are thinking. No true Elvis fan would buy this rubbish.

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