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Elvis Songs Poll

by Maria

Elvis Presley made it to the music history because of his enormous success and because of the new style of music he sang: rock'n'roll. It was based on his musical influences of rhythm and blues, blues, gospel songs, and country — mixing both black and white music in a unique manner. His live performance was electrifying, carrying lots of energy, movement, swinging, dancing. Add to that a good voice and good looks, and no wonder girls in the 50s went wild over him. And of course it didn't stop at 1950s.

Besides energetic rock and roll songs, Elvis also sang gospel songs and many many beautiful love ballads. Gospel music was always very dear to him and was his favorite music to play in his private time or when needing to calm down from concert excitement.

Below you will find a poll where you can vote for your favorite Elvis song. The selection in the poll is limited to some of Elvis greatest hits because it would be hard to list all of the over 700 songs in a poll. The list is not perfect but we hope to build it better with your feedback. So it's possible that your favorite is missing from the list, in which case just vote for the other songs you like and type the missing one in a text field that is provided.

We also invite you to write us if some particular song connects with your life in a special way.

Visit Elvis Songs Poll!

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