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Five Elvis Song Gems by Jeffrey Schrembs

by Jeffrey Schrembs
(Elvisville, USA)

Elvis with Hal Wallis (Jeff Schrembs Collection)

Elvis with Hal Wallis (Jeff Schrembs Collection)

Five Elvis Song Gems by Jeffrey Schrembs
In Uncategorized on January 15, 2010 at 1:14 am
2010 All Rights Reserved

So, you think you know all about Elvis and have listened to all his songs and `been there and done that`? Well, guess what? Think again. I have thought long and hard about COUNTLESS Songs that Elvis recorded that never were `air play million sellers` but captured Elvis` soul and his artistry on Vinyl and that is a good thing. So here goes here are FIVE BONA FIDE GEMS to seek out ` listen to ` and enjoy:

GOSPEL SONG ` 500 Miles

BROKEN HEART ` Do you know who I am?

WANT TO MOVE AROUND — Edge of Realty

COUNTRY ` Goodtime Charlie`s Got the Blues

PURE 60`s ` I Got Lucky

Take care and God bless.

Jeffrey Schrembs
*Note: Jeffrey Schrembs is a World renowned Elvis Presley Expert and Author who also owns one of the Largest Elvis Presley Collections in the World. Jeffrey Schrembs is an Elvis Presley Advocate and a founding Member of many Elvis Presley Fanclubs/Websites/Organizations dating back (approx) 50 years now.
In 2009 Jeffrey Schrembs received several awards one of which was for having over 3 million new visitors to his latest Website primarly in Japan. He is proud of having NO pop ups, no ads, and no selling of anything, on the sites as it is Elvis and ONLY Elvis.
Jeffrey Schrembs is a special needs children, abused children, and disabled person advocate and a 7th degree Black Belt. Jeffrey Schrembs supports many of Elvis' Charities publicly, and privately, along with others dear to his heart.
You can follow Jeff's ongoings here or at www.ElvisCollector.info or at www.ElvisCollectorWorld.com or at ElvisCollectorWorldwide
Jeffrey Schrembs is an honest many and a walking talking encylcopedia of anything/everything related to Elvis

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