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Comments for
Get Well Prayers for Myrna Smith from Elvis Presley Expert Jeff Schrembs

Sep 08, 2010
Jeff Schrembs Get Well Prayers Myrna Smith
by: Anonymous

I was not shocked to see that jeff schrembs had started to help the sameday he found out she was ill. Jeff Schrembs has asked others to do so as well and to follow his lead by doing so, when it comes to the actual monetary presentation or giving a gift that it is a precious moment and not one that needs to be shared except to show the love and respect and support that Jeff Schrembs has for Myrna Smith and for others affiliated with EPE. Someone at EPE, maybe Priscilla OR Lisa Marie should call up Jeff Schrembs and get a exclusive contract with him becuase in the Elvis Worldwide Jeff Schrembs IS the man.

Aug 05, 2010
Complete and full recovery
by: Anonymous

I, too, pray for a complete and full recovery of a wonderful soul and gift to all of us. I, too, had the great pleasure of meeting and talking with Myrna while in Tennessee. I pray I will again get to see and meet such a truly spiritual and gifted person. See you soon.

With Best Regards,

Carl Blockhus

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