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Messages from Elvis — from U.K.

by Eve Guevara-Sansom
(London U.K.)

Dedication to Alexander McQueen

Enclosed is copyright registered to Eve Guevara-Sansom ╘ as extracts from the Elvis files.
Elvis continues to appear and explain the bigger picture. He says he was only passing through 1935 √ 1977 to leave his True Love stamp with his Spiritual Family on Earth.
He has shown me how and why his name is in :
ANGEL VISION and GABRIEL VISION (see: ANG ELVIS ION and GABRI ELVIS ION — ion is electric impulse in meaning) and why √colon : ELVIS √ ion comes together as
COLONEL VISION as a real MagicSpell left in Egyptian and Bible Secrets.
He appears as the still living proof of his real existence √and more will follow on that.
He has given many real evidences and explains the phenomena of the Inner Universe √ which is the Parallel World moving around us √ ahead of us √ which is why we get DиJю VU as a reminder and Dreams to keep us in touch. He explains that TIME is a magnetic cord which was held in certain controls after an Egyptian moment. He appeared yesterday and gave May 29th and June 29th as significant dates to follow.
Regards and much love to Elvis Spiritual Family on Earth. √ Eve Guevara-Sansom ╘

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