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New Talent Singer Songwriter Linda Roberts sings the song "Black Velvet" dedicated to Elvis Presley

by Linda Roberts

Linda Roberts Dedicates the song

Linda Roberts Dedicates the song

Linda Roberts Dedicates the song New Talent Linda Roberts Singer Songwriter Linda Roberts sings on Cruise Ship in Vegas style show Linda Roberts Sings classic ballads and more, Elvis tunes!

New Talent Singer Songwriter Actress Linda Roberts (a bikini girl on Rodney's yacht in "Caddyshack") sings the song "Black Velvet" dedicated to Elvis Presley! This is when I was appearing in Atlantic City at Ceasars Lounge with my band The Spice of Life! This was an awesome gig, I love AC!

So I hope you enjoy my video and this song! I'm inspired by Elvis Presley and Tina Turner, she's my idol! And Michael Jackson, I actually met him! And I am also inspired by Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Madonna, Steven Tyler and Aerosmith and many more like Walt Disney, Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, The jonas Brothers They're cute! And Justin Bieber and Usher, can't forget them!!

Well, so much is happening these days, I have some new songs I've written and am working on videos for. I'll put up my first All Original song soon!

Stay tuned, Subscribe to my Youtube channel LindaRobertsMusic > http://www.youtube.com/user/LindaRobertsMusic
and you'll be one of the first to see the video for my my new song dedicated to Elvis Presley and all his fans!!

Enjoy, LR

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