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Over 30 Rare & Unseen Elvis Presley Video's were accidently uploaded on Internet. 2010 All Rights Reserved

by ElvisCollector.info
(Elvisville, USA)

Photo Courtesy of Jeff Schrembs Collection

Photo Courtesy of Jeff Schrembs Collection

*** Note: As Jeff Schrembs continues to undergo medical care his family has posted this response with his expressed permission. 2010 All Rights Reserved ***

Due to all of the recent emails we are releasing this statement as it pertains to a computer uploading error, whereby approximately thirty-five rare and unseen Elvis Presley videos (from a private collection) were accidently posted for approximately 17 minutes on our Website. During this time our site was overwhelmed as was our email. We have address this breach of our `policies and procedures` and taken steps to ensure that this does not occur in the future.

We regret any frustration, speculation, etc. that this footage being posted has caused and we are sorry to disappoint those whose excitement crashed our sites, wanting to buy the footage — wanting to see all the footage ` wanting us to release a few of them online and flooded our emails. We have the utmost respect for Elvis Presley Fans Worldwide and we will continue to be an online presence in the Elvis Presley Community as we have been since the 60′s . Elvis Presley has been a passion of Jeffrey Schrembs`, for decades and decades, and he is a tireless advocate for; Elvis Presley, Memphis Mafia, various Charities, Special Needs Children, Abused Children, Disabled persons, along with having great appreciation and respect for EPE, Priscilla Presley, Lisa Marie Presley, and several others who worked with Elvis and were, in fact, his friends.

Out of respect for Elvis Fans Worldwide the only information we will disclose is (a) as that the video footage ranged from 1956 (color and without sound) to 1958 (black and white without sound) and from 1961 (black and white without sound) and from 1970 (color without sound) until 1971 through 1977 (color and with sound). Much of the footage consisted of live Concerts with the remainder being footage taken at Elvis` homes (i.e. Memphis and California) (b) this footage has not been authorized to be made available to any person or entity (at any price) at this time and (c) should the circumstances as stated in #b change that EPE would be notified first and afforded every courtesy. Mr. Schrembs has always supported EPE and continues to mourn the loss of his dear friend (i.e. Todd Morgan) of over ten years at EPE who passed away. Pertaining to the questions about `length of time` we can say that each video averaged 48 minutes. Pertaining to questions about if there are other rare Elvis Presley footage/videos that were not accidently uploaded the answer is `yes` but we will not disclose how many. Lastly. to the questions about who took it? our response is that Elvis Presley Fans took the footage using their personal equipment and has stored the tapes throughout the years. The Memories bring back to them joyful and beloved memories.

Each of these videos that were accidently posted had been painstakingly converted to the highest quality digital DVD, at the request of the Elvis Presley Collector, and copied from the original source(s). It is our understanding that the audio visual camera (still and moving) equipment used at the time was considered `state of the art` equipment along with being very expensive to own for public/personal use. These videos are a part of a private Elvis Presley Collection that has been accumulated over many decades, and at incredible expense and time, by people that were diehard Elvis Presley Fans and wanted to capture, on film, anything of Elvis that they could over many years and governing many different locations. Their intentions being that the entire collection would pass along to their family members with explicit directives that the collection, whole and or in part, could ever be sold along with many other legal stipulations/conditions.

We hope that this statement will answer your questions. We have been collecting Elvis Presley items since the 60′s and our collection is among the largest (private) in the World. Not a day goes by that someone isn`t `blown away` by a long forgotten picture of Elvis and then someone else will step in and convey the entire story about what Elvis was doing that day, etc.

It has been the hopes of Jeffrey Schrembs that one day, perhaps, there would be some type of mutually respectful/beneficial meeting between EPE, Jeff Schrembs, and the Memphis Mafia where Jeff Schrembs, coming from an Elvis Fan AND an Elvis Expert AND an Elvis Collector,sincerely believes that the Memphis Mafia Members deserve to be monetarily paid, and given utmost respect, on a daily/weekly basis The Memphis Mafia, and their family`s, deserve to be monetarily compensated a GREAT SUM weekly, monthly,yearly because their stories are PRICELESS and they can ensure that the stores are ACCURATE,. When Elvis Presley Fans Worldwide see that the Memphis Mafia is getting their respect from EPE, and monetarily benefiting on a PERMANENT BASIS. Then Elvis Fans Worldwide would see the Memphis Mafia Members working again with Elvis``just like it should have been dating back to 1977 and each day since.

Thank you all for your input and continued support.

PS: Mr Schrembs wanted everyone to know how much the cards, letters, flowers, etc. mean to him and to his family. July has been a rough month and he prays each day and looks forward to getting back sharing info/photos/etc. about Elvis Presley to the Elvis Fans Worldwide

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