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Self Hypnosis Downloads | Kicking Bad Habits | Hypnosis mp3

As someone who gave up smoking 60 cigarettes a day for decades, I know only too well how hard it is to stop smoking. It took me many years of trying different things before I finally found a combination of behaviour modification, self hypnosis downloads and nicotine patches... along with determination, of course.

As someone who values his health, you ought to be dying to quit smoking. Of course, it`s hard to be objective when it has become a habit. In fact, the idea of quitting could even scare you. Most smokers approach their quit day with extreme dread. So, as much as you want to turn your back on it at the soonest possible time, you don`t always know where to begin. Experts also agree that going cold turkey isn`t always the wisest way to quit. Recovering from tobacco addiction will require that you thoroughly understand and believe how your cigarette smoking can actually age or even kill you.

So, how do you kick the habit? Plot your plan to stop your dependence on these cancer sticks slowly but surely. This is the only time you could proudly call yourself a quitter. Use every resource you can get your hands on that will help you in this big step!

If you have tried everything else, make sure that this time you include Self hypnosis Downloads as these self hypnosis mp3 downloads can make all the difference to your motivation, commitment, and helping you succeed with a pain free support system.

Before even ditching it out of your life, take a moment to write down common-known reasons for kicking the habit. Then, personalize it and add specific reasons of your own.

The fact that it adds wrinkles and dries your skin should be enough for you to stave off the habit. Make your reasons more personal and look at how some people actually suffer from this unhealthy habit. When you expand these reasons, they somehow become worth fighting for.

The more it hits home, the more likely it is for you to successfully quit. After listing down your personal reasons on a piece of paper, post them in every room in the house and even at your office so that you`re constantly reminded.

You don`t have to hurry. In fact, take your time. In time, smoking becomes automatic. This is a complex act, yet you eventually learn it without thought at all.

You take out a pack, remove a cigarette, light it, and puff it. All of these have become something you don`t think about. What you need to do is to interrupt or postpone this automatic act. During a break, take note of the time of your usual cravings, and distract yourself from lighting that first stick.

Or, if you feel that you are about to light up, tell yourself to wait for even a few more minutes. Delaying or disrupting the routine, you will yourself to move beyond the strong urge to smoke. The act also makes you aware of how automatic smoking is nastily controlling you.

Your smoking rituals may have provided you with great relief from stress over the years and helped keep you addicted to cigarettes. Recognizing these very rituals will help you regain control of your life. Don`t punish yourself every time you crave, because this is just a normal reaction to the change in routine.

But you also don`t need to smoke whenever you crave. While it may seem like an eternity, generally it lasts for only a few minutes. While you psyche yourself to be no longer at the mercy of the habit that ages you, it`s time to think about those who inhale your cigarette smoke. In the end, you`ll see how much you`ve done yourself a favor.

If you have tried all the other ways to quit smoking without success, its time to apply the power of your mind to stop smoking by hypnosis! Simple, fast, pain free and very affordable solution to quit smoking at : http://www.stop-smoking-by-hypnosis.com

Self hypnosis Downloads used for weight loss and quitting smoking have proven an effective tool for motivated change, including confidence building hypnosis dowloads like self esteem hypnosis mp3 recordings. Listen to your self hypnosis downloads at your convenience as often as you need for one low price! http://www.self-hypnosis-downloads-mp3.com

I was able to stop smoking by hypnosis and incorporating nicotine patches and behaviour change, and so can you!

- Helene Malmsio

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