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The Presley Arrangement

by Lin LaTrajet
(Ocean Shores, WA, USA)

original cover

original cover

For all your fans who have not read this best selling book, The Presley Arrangement, here is an excerpt from Nigel at Elvis Infonet in Australia's surperb review: "The book that started it all" Many fans, particularly those interested in the ongoing "is Elvis alive" phenomenon, will be familiar with Monte Nicholson's book, The Presley Arrangement. Thanks to claims it was removed from bookstore shelves on original publication in 1987, it has assumed iconic significance over the years. Not surprisingly, its 2004 reissue was eagerly anticipated by many fans. Read the entire review at:

The book is still only available new from Living The Dream Publishing in paperback edition, and is on sale as always just before Christmas. It makes a unique and wonderful give for Elvis fans worldwide! Go check it out and get your copy on the way today! http://livingthedreampress.homestead.com/presleyarrangement.html

Also as an exclusive I am sharing with very few sites, as of Dec 1, 2010, Monte is in the process of writing the sequel to The Presley Arrangement, and we are looking at a June 2011 ready date!

Unbelievably, this excellent novel has never been made into a movie though we have had would-be producers do as long as 4-hr video interviews with author Monte Nicholson . Visit the websites and lets get a rage going to get this movie made!

Best of the Holidays to you, Lin LaTrajet, owner, publisher of Living The Dream Publishing in Ocean Shores, WA. email is ltdplivingthedream@gmail.com

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