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The truth

by oneangelstillstanding

Joe Esposito is Russian KGB, moles. Elvis was caught by them via Joe Esposito set up in the Army.

Elvis house being done in red (Russian red).

Elvis saying on stage. This is torture.

They were torturing him. Both hints.

Joe Esposito is not who he seems to be.

They killed Elvis. A slow death. They said if he didn't do it, they would kill Lisa.

Elvis alias was John Baron (he picked Baron to rhyme with Aron and Garon). Joe changed it to Jon Burrows as a cover up. It was also him that forced the bodyguards to write that book and say certain stuff. He also manipulated Tom Parker to say certain things.

Dee Stanley was a set up to break Vernon and Elvis up to make Elvis even more assessible.

Joe was jealous of Elvis and wanted to be smarter and nicer looking than him for once. Joe is a very very very sick pup. They pumped him full of drugs and steroids to make him fat etc.

I wish the public knew the real Joe. That's not even his real name.

They wanted Elvis' money for their country. They plan on taking over this country. They are involved in so much already you just don't even know. In fact, Obama (Elvis used to visit Hawaii a lot), and Eric Holden are very very very possibly Russian KGB too. They get kids and work on them at a young age for certain jobs. They do use/make celebrities too.

Mind control. They use mind control.

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