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Things You May Now Know about Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley is one of the most celebrated singers and actors in history.

But how well do you really know him?

Elvis Presley Music

1. He is one of the very few artists who was inducted to the Country Music Hall of Fame and the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

2. In 1977, Elvis was considered to be the number one touring act in the U.S.
3. Heartbreak Hotel was the no.1 country song in 1956.

4. Hound Dog was recorded 33 times. He once performed with a Bassett Hound, but it wasn't too fun since the dog was in heat and grouchy.

5. Selling 30 million copies, It's Now or Never, Elvis's single recorded in 1960, was the best-selling song of all time.

6. Concerts during June 19-21, 1977, were videotaped by CBS for the Elvis in Concert special. It displayed the stars worsening condition. It was only shown on October 3, after his death.

7. Elvis's singing career was viewed as a means to survive; his ultimate dream was to be an actor.

Elvis Presley Personal References

1. Rumors have it that Elvis was forced by Priscilla's father to marry her, or else, he would reveal that she was a minor when they both started an affair.

Elvis was then 24.

2. President Jimmy Carter is Elvis's distant cousin.

Isaiah Harrison, great-great grandfather of Abraham Lincoln, was his direct descendant too.

3. Elvis was a notorious woman lover, dating his co-stars before he married Priscilla.

4. He used to work odd jobs before he began singing. He worked as an usher and a truck driver.

5. Elvis was sick with chronic asthma and was prescribed very addictive sleeping pills which a lot believe caused his tragic death.

6. Elvis loved football and racquetball.

He usually had three televisions running at Graceland to watch football games.

7. Elvis was once in the audience of Connie Francis.

He left abruptly when she sang 'Mama' an Italian song, which reminded him of his mother who had recently died.

After Elvis Presley Death

1. Elvis was known to be very generous, and his fans continued this tradition.

One of them, Elvis Matters, invited a 17-year-old paralyzed girl named Michael Stroobans to their annual pilgrimage to Graceland with expenses all paid by the club.

2. Elvis's body was almost stolen in August 29, 1977. However, the plan failed.

The adjustment board of Memphis granted Vernon the permission to move Elvis's and his mothers body behind Graceland, in the Meditation Garden.

3. Elvis graced a Swedish postage stamp in 2004.

4. A number of TV shows and films showcased Elvis's life, including Elvis, a telefilm.

He was portrayed by Kurt Russell.

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