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Tribute To Elvis Presley

by Clive O'Rourke
(United Kingdom)

As a tribute to Elvis Presley, I decided to draw a very fine picture of him. I sent this drawing in the hope that it would be recognized for its originality.

The drawing took me 695 hours to complete.

My intension was to draw a picture that would be a fitting tribute to a singer whose voice and talent, captivated audiences worldwide.

After completing this drawing I was advised to send a copy to America.

I sent a copy of the original drawing to Geissler Park Bear Delaware 19701.

I received a letter in return from Jannet l Norris, (Secretary to Harry. L Geissler. )

Mr Geissler acknowledged this drawing as exceptionally remarkable and thanked me for sharing my talent with them.

Mr Geissler was a family member who looked after much of Elvis Presley interests.

I also received a signed letter from the Elvis Presley British Fan Club signed by Todd Slaughter and Vicky Malloy stating that my work was a fine example and tribute to Elvis Presley and suggested that I submit my work worldwide.

I now go on in my quest to share my work with all who loved Elvis Presley.

Prints are now available of my work on request. I have attached a copy of the original.

If you are interested in my work please do not hesitate to contact me.


Clive O'Rourke


To view Clive O'Rourke's wonderful drawing of Elvis go here:


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