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What Elvis Should have Kept in Mind When Thinking about Weight Loss!

by http://best-natural-cures-health-guide.com

Losing weight is one of the priories you have to undertake in life, simply because being overweight not only makes you look bad in the eyes of others, but also exposes you to a host of killer diseases such as diabetes, heart attack, etc.

More and more people are getting concerned about their fat tummy and the very fact that every year millions of people take New Year's resolution to lose weight is an indicator of this. Despite all these resolutions, people don't seem to be getting any thinner!

Elvis famously struggled with his weight all his life. Comfort food was important to him, and his Cook was expected to be able to produce fried Banana sandwiches, or any other snacks he wanted 24/7 around the clock.

Despite being a Karate enthusiast, and trying every fad diet, even prescribed diet tablets, he never succeeded in managing his weight, and was very obese in the last few years of his life, which mortified him.

The following sensible tips would have helped Elvis diet successfully if he had known about them, and if he had had people who would support him to achieve a healthy diet plan for the rest of his life.

When it comes to weight loss, goal setting is everything.
If you have set unrealistic goals for yourself, then no matter how hard you try, you won't be able to lose a single pound! On the other hand, if you have set realistic goals for yourself, then you will lose weight no matter how much overweight you are! With proper goals, even morbidly obese people lose weight quickly! As you have perhaps already guessed, this article is all about how to set proper, realistic weight loss goals for yourself and achieve quick weight loss!

1. Be realistic in your goals:
Let's say that you are set to lose 150 pounds. You set a short term goal of losing 75 pounds within a few weeks. Such goals are pretty unrealistic and hence unachievable. Setting such goals will spell the death of your weight loss efforts! The first step is to set goals and make plans that look to be sensible and achievable to your subconscious mind!

2. Why you want to lose weight:
How you want to lose weight is as important as the "why" part! What is the overriding factor behind your determination to shed pounds? Is it just to look good, or rather to improve your health? It takes a lot of motivation to keep up with strict diet plans and rigorous exercise regimens, and unless you have a strong motive for weight loss, you will stray sometime or other! Usually, losing weight for health's sake seems to be more motivating than doing it for vanity's sake!

3. Weight loss cannot be achieved using fads:
Get this in your mind: no matter how many fad diets and diet pills you use, real weight loss will occur only when you throw away the junk foods from the kitchen and refrigerator and focus on eating raw fruits and vegetables instead. No matter what others tell you, if you are serious about weight loss then you cannot keep eating junk foods and expect to shed pounds. You also need to exercise regularly for hours. Are you prepared for all that? That is something you need to ask yourself before you think about weight loss!

4. Don't punish yourself:
We are after all humans and sometime or other we are sure to stray. Let's say that you manage to lose weight successfully for the first three weeks but on the fourth week, you fail to lose as much weight! Don't blame yourself for that. Sure, you might have made a mistake but there is no reason to bang your head against the wall just because of it!

Find out why you failed to lose weight this week: have you been lax in your exercise routine, or did you eat junk foods on one of those days? Find out the reason behind weight gain, then from next week, try your best to stick to your weight loss plan!

You can learn so much more on my website about using natural cures and safe health self care strategies to achieve the vibrant health and energy that you deserve.

TIRED OF FEELING TIRED? We know that life can get you down. Too much stress. Too much pressure. But it does NOT have to be that way!! Helene Malmsio has been a Nutritional Consultant for over a decade and has created a site that is devoted to helping you help yourself ... FREE! Come see our best health guide for free natural cures and herbal home remedy recipe resources — all designed to help you feel better and BE healthier today! Help is just a click away.


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