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Elvis Presley — Fan Survey Results

This page is dedicated to providing the site visitor with quality Elvis Presley biography fan`s survey results information from the site`s Elvis Presley Quiz, pictures and articles for your entertainment. The contents of this site is written by a fan for his fans. If you recently submitted your fan survey to the site, it will soon appear on its own Elvis Presley website page like this.


Elvis Presley Biography fan`s survey results:

Josh Scroggs
From: United States

1. How and when did you first hear about Elvis Presley?
: By my grandma. My mom would always drop me off there on her way to work and we would stay there all day untill she got off work. My grandma raised me on elvis. I remember my first song i beleive i understood was in 1995 when i was 5 and the song was "Jail House Rock" ever since then iv alwas loved elvis presley.

2. What was it that got you hooked on Elvis?
: Idk really i just loved the way he sangs and danced. and the way he could score with the ladies. and his hair i love his hair. Expesuilly his 68 come bsck special hair. I wish i could do it like that.

3. If Elvis were alive, what would you like to say to him or ask him?
"My Message to Elvis": How do u get ur hair like that? and how do u sang like that? How do u get da girls to go crazzy over u like the way they do

4. WHICH is your favourite Elvis Presley song or movie? And why is it your favourite?
: girl happy. becouse im always girl happy

5. Which is your favourite SUIT that Elvis wore on stage?
: The 68 comeback special

6. Who do you think Elvis loved most in his life, his greatest love?
: Persilla

7. Where were you and what were you doing when you heard that Elvis had died?
: Was'nt even born

8. Why do you think Elvis still attracts new fans every year, even long after his death?
: becouse elvis is the greatest there will ever be!

Have you been to Graceland?...If so, would you like to share your experence or feelings on this site?
: No but i would love to go!

Elvis was a trend leader and constantly "transformed" himself in his career, like Madonna & music stars are famous for doing nowdays. Which are your favourite "Elvis eras" in his career?
: 68 comeback t.v. doco & live concerts

Do you have a personal Letter to Elvis or Poem about or for Elvis that you would like to share on this site?
This may be included in our next book "Messages to Elvis". Add it here
:: elvis presley was the king then and is the king now and will forever and always be the king!

Would you like to tell us a little bit more about yourself to share on your own Elvis Presley Fan page?
: Im josh scroggs im 18 and i work part time at Quality Foods of toccoa GA in stephens county. And I freaken love evils.

Do you collect Elvis music or memorabilia?
: Music, Posters

How would you rate our Elvis Presley Biography site?
: Excellent

Do you have any suggestions on how we can improve this site for Elvis's fans?
: put some songs on here to keep people intertaned while they fill out the stuff on here.

Hello Josh

Thank you for your comments on our survey. Elvis was the greatest entertainer ever and as you said josh, `he will forever be the King!` I love Elvis in his black leather also; watching him performing the `68 comeback was and still is a favorite among many fans. He was totally awesome! Elvis` voice is unique, his music is timeless. There are fans like yourself your age and younger falling for this legend. He isn`t just the `King of Rock `N` Roll, Elvis is the King of our hearts. Elvis sang with passion, when watching him sing you can see those lyrics are deep and meaningful. Josh, I hope you are able to visit Graceland one day, I also look forward to the day I`m able make the trip to Graceland, I live in Australia. Also Josh, thank your for your suggestions on our site, take care!

Below are the lyrics to your favorite song, Enjoy!

Lyrics for Jailhouse Rock
performed by Elvis Presley

(Jerry Leiber — Mike Stoller)

The warden threw a party in the county jail.
The prison band was there and they began to wail.
The band was jumpin' and the joint began to swing.
You should've heard those knocked out jailbirds sing.
Let's rock, everybody, let's rock.
Everybody in the whole cell block
was dancin' to the Jailhouse Rock.

Spider Murphy played the tenor saxophone,
Little Joe was blowin' on the slide trombone.
The drummer boy from Illinois went crash, boom, bang,
the whole rhythm section was the Purple Gang.
Let's rock, everybody, let's rock.
Everybody in the whole cell block
was dancin' to the Jailhouse Rock.

Number forty-seven said to number three:
"You're the cutest jailbird I ever did see.
I sure would be delighted with your company,
come on and do the Jailhouse Rock with me."
Let's rock, everybody, let's rock.
Everybody in the whole cell block
was dancin' to the Jailhouse Rock.

The sad sack was a sittin' on a block of stone
way over in the corner weepin' all alone.
The warden said, "Hey, buddy, don't you be no square.
If you can't find a partner use a wooden chair."
Let's rock, everybody, let's rock.
Everybody in the whole cell block
was dancin' to the Jailhouse Rock.

Shifty Henry said to Bugs, "For Heaven's sake,
no one's lookin', now's our chance to make a break."
Bugsy turned to Shifty and he said, "Nix nix,
I wanna stick around a while and get my kicks."
Let's rock, everybody, let's rock.
Everybody in the whole cell block
was dancin' to the Jailhouse Rock.


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