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Elvis Presley — Fan Survey Results

This page is dedicated to providing the site visitor with quality Elvis Presley biography fan`s survey results information from the site`s Elvis Presley Quiz, pictures and articles for your entertainment. The contents of this Elvis Presley site is written by a fan for his fans. If you recently submitted your fan survey to the site, it will soon appear on its own page like this.


Elvis Presley Biography fan`s survey results:

From: Australia

1. How and when did you first hear about Elvis Presley?
: when i was a little my dad put him on all the time...i am only 14.

2. What was it that got you hooked on Elvis?
: My Dad always listened to him so i got a liking 4 him and started loving him

3. If Elvis were alive, what would you like to say to him or ask him?
"My Message to Elvis": i would say

OMG ur elvis...i thought u were dead anyways...i love your movies and i love you your so sexy!!


4. WHICH is your favourite Elvis Presley song or movie? And why is it your favourite?
: In The Ghetto-Fav Song
G.I. Blues-Fav Movie

i like in the ghetto because it is about less fortunate kids than us...he sings will great emotion

i like G.I. Blues because its funny...and good to see Elvis serve his country well Kinda lol

5. Which is your favourite SUIT that Elvis wore on stage?
: hmm...i dont really have one...the one with that eagle on the back

6. Who do you think Elvis loved most in his life, his greatest love?
: I think he loved his mother the most...he always looked up to her..and when she died it changed his life

7. Where were you and what were you doing when you heard that Elvis had died?
: i wasnt even thought of when he died

8. Why do you think Elvis still attracts new fans every year, even long after his death?
: Because he was a fabulous singer and people love to listen to his music to remind them of the one and only Elvis Aaron presley

Have you been to Graceland?...If so, would you like to share your experence or feelings on this site?
: No i havent been to graceland BUT im goin there when i get older!

Elvis was a trend leader and constantly "transformed" himself in his career, like Madonna & music stars are famous for doing nowdays. Which are your favourite "Elvis eras" in his career?
: 68 comeback t.v. doco & live concerts

Do you have a personal Letter to Elvis or Poem about or for Elvis that you would like to share on this site? This may be included in our next book "Messages to Elvis". Add it here
:: No i have a autogrpah picture of elvis from my dad

Would you like to tell us a little bit more about yourself to share on your own Elvis Presley Fan page?
: Well..im only 14...i grew up listening to elvis wen i was a child...so i became i loving 4 him...i asked my dad one dad could i ever met Elvis...So He had to tell me wat happened...i dont remember Elvis as a drug user i remember him 4 his music,talent,humour and good looks...he may be gone but he is still in our hearts...his music will always live on 4ever...elvis is still in the building!

Do you collect Elvis music or memorabilia?
: Music, Movies, Posters, Books

How would you rate our Elvis Presley Biography site?
: Excellent

Do you have any suggestions on how we can improve this site for Elvis's fans?
: Nup Its Awesome The Way It Is

HELLO sarah

Thank you for your brilliant comments on our survey. Wow so young & devoted, welcome to the world of honoring the `King.` I agree, as a devoted fan like your self Elvis will live 4ever, he will always be apart of our lives, he is soooo loved! Your picture of Elvis from your dad, well I think that is so sweet & a very special treasure! I`m sure it means the world to you. I also live in Australia, & really can`t wait to visit our king`s home. Your choice of song is one of my many favorites too. Sarah it was lovely to hear from you, thanks for keeping the memory of Elvis Presley, the ` King of rock n roll` alive!

Sarah, below are the lyrics to your favorite song, enjoy!

In The Ghetto As the snow flies
On a cold and gray Chicago mornin'
A poor little baby child is born
In the ghetto
And his mama cries
'cause if there's one thing that she don't need
it's another hungry mouth to feed
In the ghetto

People, don't you understand
the child needs a helping hand
or he'll grow to be an angry young man some day
Take a look at you and me,
are we too blind to see,
do we simply turn our heads
and look the other way

Well the world turns
and a hungry little boy with a runny nose
plays in the street as the cold wind blows
In the ghetto

And his hunger burns
so he starts to roam the streets at night
and he learns how to steal
and he learns how to fight
In the ghetto

Then one night in desperation
a young man breaks away
He buys a gun, steals a car,
tries to run, but he don't get far
And his mama cries

As a crowd gathers 'round an angry young man
face down on the street with a gun in his hand
In the ghetto

As her young man dies,
on a cold and gray Chicago mornin',
another little baby child is born
In the ghetto

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