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Elvis Presley Elvis Jumpsuit article page
of the Elvis Presley biography story

ElvisPresleyPicture This Elvis Jumpsuit page is dedicated to providing quality Elvis Presley biography information, pictures and articles for your entertainment. The contents of this Elvis Presley biography site is written by a fan for his fans about Elvis Jumpsuit.

1970 September 16 Elvis’s sellout series of concerts come to an end at the International Hotel in Las Vegas.

In Elvis’s concerts of the 1970’s he would often wear his ornamented jumpsuits with a cloak, worth thousands of dollars.

Elvis’s suits in the 70s have been said to weigh up to thirty pounds.


elvis preley jumpsuit

July 20 Elvis started a series of stage performances at the Las Vegas International Hotel and at the Sahara Tahoe and finished on September 6

PAUL McCartney:
"The Beatles would've happened had he not been around"

John Lennon:
"Before Elvis there was nothing..."

Roy Orbison:
"He was the greatest natural talents in the world 'cause he never took lessons..."

Frank Sinatra:
"I'm just a singer. Elvis was the embodiment of the whole American culture."

Paul Simon:
"Elvis sang, Bridge Over Trouble Water, with great feeling — like it should've been sung..."

Mick Jagger:
"No-one but on-one is his equal or ever will be!

Bruce Springsteen
: "Elvis is my religion. But for him, I'd be selling encyclopaedias right now!"
John Cougar Mellencamp:
"Elvis was a time went rock n roll really meant somethin'!"


June 9 Elvis performed to an audience of 80,000 people in the first of his three concerts in Madison Square Gardens, New York and recorded a live Album

I don’t admire nobody but Elvis Presley. He was the sweetest most humble and nicest man you’d ever meet.
Muhammad Ali

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1. Reviews of Almost Elvis impersonator video DVD

... Video Librarian "Outstanding! A great choice for Elvis fans." — Booklist "I laughed my ass off! Now even I can fit into one of those too-tight jumpsuits!" — D. Ross, Olympia, WA "Finishes with a ... http://www.almostelvis.com/reviews.html

2. B & K Enterprises: Internationally Acclaimed Costume Design Since 1980. ...

Click a name to view... COSTUMES: '68 Comeback '68 Dream Suit Aloha Black Butterfly Blue Swirl ... http://b-k-enterprises.com/costumes.html

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... Craig's Elvis World Radio Capital Elvis Elvis Telecom Touched By Elvis Fan Club All Shook Up-An Elvis Tribute The Elvis Burger Redsugar's Elvis Page Silvester's Elvis Page Elvis Jumpsuits Made To ... http://www.geocities.com/multielvi/links.html

4. elvis results by www.aaronlutze.com

... Studios — Elvis Costumes Rock costumes and wigs at Hollywood Studios. Jumpsuits, jackets, and ... ... Studios — Elvis Costumes Rock costumes and wigs at Hollywood Studios. Jumpsuits, jackets, and ... http://www.aaronlutze.com ....aaronlutze.com&cat;=1

5. hamburger.co.uk

... Kajagoogoo Mike Campling Nik Kershaw's Snood KJ Elvis Presley "live!" On The Moon mwk Wobbly RAM pack ... ... why didnt she iron that dress? geezerbird JUMPSUITS/BOILERSUITS!!!!!!!!!!! geezerbird Top Rank ... http://www.hamburger.co.uk/1980-1.htm

6. Chesiree:Professional Elvis Entertainer:Biography

... Leather comeback and finally the legendary studded, jeweled jumpsuits of the glamorous Las Vegas Years, he is considered the best Elvis Entertainer in the world. Chesiree has brought honor to the ... http://www.eternallyelvis.com/about.html

7. elvis collectibles — antiques & collectibles

... Elvis Tabs Elvis Presley Music Elvis Impersonator Elvis Music Elvis Wedding Elvis Fan Club Elvis Collectibles Elvis Biography Elvis Story Elvis Graceland Elvis Jumpsuits Elvis Memorabilia Elvis ... http://antiquescollectibl ...arch.com/index167.htm

8. Rockabilly Hall of Fame, Otto Fuchs

... Museum, Lisa Marie & Hound Dog (not son & daughter but his planes) and Sincerely Elvis (Furniture, Jumpsuits etc ...) We go step by step, before we get our souvenirs and visit the Heartbreak ... http://www.rockabillyhall.com/ottofuchs.html

elvis jumpsuit

9. Elvis Presley Lisa Marie Priscilla Presley

... Shepherd, Paper Dolls, Bill Belew, closet, Jumpsuits, Recording Sessions, Facts, Stats, Birthplace ... ... Aaron, Aron, Rock and Roll, Rockabily, news Elvis Presley Lisa Marie Priscilla EditRegion1 Elvis ... http://www.cambridge1.net/Elvispresley.html

10. Althouse

... Elvis to his 9-year-old daughter. They were gazing on a classic Elvis-in-Vegas costume. DAD: When he started wearing these white jumpsuits that was kind of weird. GIRL: That was awesome ! I loved that ... http://www.althouse.blogspot.com/

11. Elvis A Rama Museum с Las Vegas Show Ticket Reservation.

... that were near and dear to Elvis, or pivotal in his life experiences. Itнs all here, for you to experience at close, intimate range: his cars, his stage-worn jumpsuits (and other clothes), his ... http://www.wedoitallvegas ...s_Vegas.asp?kbid=7751


... YET? THE CURRENT ELVIS EXPRESS NEWS HEADLINES ELVIS' JUMPSUITS comments = 00 13/05/05 PLANT: PRESLEY SERENADED ME comments = 00 13/05/05 WATCH ME RONNIE — NEW IMPORT CD comments = 0 1 13/05/05 FRIEND ... http://www.elvis-express.com/home.html

13. RI Costume

... Holmes Witch (Glamorous) Merlin/Warlock Eqyptian Queen Hercules Motown Spaceman & Woman Elvis Jumpsuits SUGGESTIONS FOR COUPLES Priest and Nun Robin Hood & Maid Marian Romeo & Juliet Mozart & The ... http://www.ricostume.com/rentals.asp

14. Elvis Jumpsuits and Costumes


15. "Rock Style" Exhibit At The Metropolitan Museum of Art

... You could also find many other items, like a few of Jimi Hendrix' jackets and hats, Elvis' polyester jumpsuits with the huge rhinestone belt, Mick Jagger's stagewear, KISS' costumes from 1976, the ... http://www.thedent.com/rockstyle.html


CONCERT JUMPSUITS Costuming Supplies for Elvis Tribute Artists For the Tribute Artist, Costumer or Fan Make a dream come true for yourself or the ultimate fan! About Our Kits: Professional Jumpsuits ... http://concertjumpsuits.com/index.html

17. elvis results by www.kandsenterprises.com

... Studios — Elvis Costumes Rock costumes and wigs at Hollywood Studios. Jumpsuits, jackets, and ... ... Studios — Elvis Costumes Rock costumes and wigs at Hollywood Studios. Jumpsuits, jackets, and ... http://www.kandsenterpris ...enterprises.com&cat;=1

18. Elvis Presley Tribute, Rockafella

... Louis only wears the very best available authentic replica ELVIS clothing, jumpsuits, jewellery and accessories that Elvis wore during the seventies (Please note that Louis does NOT wear wigs or hair ... http://www.tributesabroad ...info_elvis_rocka.html

19. Daveblog — Diary of a Suburban Man

... men with handlebar mustaches wearing sequin jumpsuits with the Hammer and Sickle emblazoned across ... ... Baryshnikov from them and in return, gave them Elvis Fever. I am not moving from this spot until I ... http://www.daveblog.org/

20. Las Vegas Inexpensive Entertainment Must Do's

... venues provide a backdrop for the spectacular "Elvis" presentation. Don't miss this opportunity to ... ... Two floors of hot NASCAR articles incluing jumpsuits, helmets and even the cars themsleves. Grab a ... http://www.lvlg.com/lasvegas/attracts/must-do.htm

21. Yahoo! Search Results for elvis presley

... Includes reviews, articles, those concerts available on CD, and an index of Elvis's jumpsuits worn on stage. Category: Rock and Pop > Elvis Presley www.elvisconcerts.com — 12k — Cached — More from ... http://search.yahoo.com/s ...ey&hq;=site:www.kki.pl

22. Elvis Presley : the jumpsuits

... Locandine Il Forum Chat Contatti JUMPGALLERY ==> I VESTITI DI SCENA USATI DA ELVIS PRESLEY Aztec ... ... it Elvis, Elvis Presley and Graceland are registered trademarks of Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc ... http://www.oromela.it/jum ...jumpgallery/index.php

23. Las Vegas Shows: Elvis A-Rama Museum, Las Vegas Show Tickets, Las Vegas Show...

... that were near and dear to Elvis, or pivotal in his life experiences. Itнs all here, for you to experience at close, intimate range: his cars, his stage-worn jumpsuits (and other clothes), his ... http://www.las-vegas-rese ...s-a-rama-museum.shtml

24. Elvis Concerts

... current fans, the only way we'll ever see Elvis in concert is on video. But luckily for us, many of his concerts have been documented. And those jumpsuits have been dutifully described and ... http://www.girlsguidetoel ...om/elvisconcerts.html

25. : : GoJosh.com : : get it all here.

... for US) Youth S Youth M Youth L KILL BILL JUMPSUITS Get yours by Halloween! HOT!! Boondock Saints ... ... 400, Silvery mirror reflective. $15. Kill Bill Elvis Sunglasses These sunglasses were seen in cult ... http://gojosh.com/

elvis jumpsuit

26. international moving companyies

... Museum, Lisa Marie & Hound Dog (not son & daughter but his planes) and Sincerely Elvis (Furniture, Jumpsuits etc ...) We go step by ... http://www.arc-consulting ...oving-companyies.html

27. Corporate Jumpsuits

... asp?sector=A WebRing: hub elvis impersonaters,jumpsuits,backing tracks,etc etc. Home > Music > Genres > Rock and Pop > Artists > Complete Category Listing > Presley, Elvis > ... http://www.corporate-clot ....uk/2/overalls80.html

28. Reviews

... Heidi Newell's costumes — the detailed Elvis jumpsuits worn by Tryon, the Las Vegas showgirls as elaborate white flamingos, the orange prison garb, and one memorably funny, human-sized foam-rubber ... http://www.elvismusical.com/html/reviews.html

29. http://www.orbitz.com/deals/rock/orlando_print.jsp

... Check into the Hard Rock Hotel, which has more than a million dollars worth of rare rock memorabilia, from Elvis jumpsuits to clothing and mementos belonging to Elton John, Jimi Hendrix and more ... http://www.orbitz.com/deals/rock/orlando_print.jsp

30. AOL CityGuide: Las Vegas — What's Going On — Elvis-A-Rama Museum — Overview

... Find posters from all 29 of his movies, original handwritten lyrics and clothing worn onstage -- the museum houses a number of Elvis' trademark jumpsuits, including the "Cisco Kid" black-and-green ... http://home.digitalcity.c ...ue.adp?sbid=102086789

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