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Elvis Presley Cher article page
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ElvisPresleyPicture This Elvis Presley biography Cher page is dedicated to providing quality Elvis Presley biography information, pictures and articles for your entertainment. The contents of this Elvis Presley site is written by a fan for his fans about Cher.

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Cherilyn Sarkisian (born May 20, 1946 in El Centro, California) better known as Cher, is an iconic Grammy Award winning American singer, songwriter, Academy Award winning actress, director and all-around entertainer. Her parents are Georgia Holt (a one time aspiring bit-part actress and occasional model) and John Sarkisian (an Armenian refugee).

Elvis Presley biography, Cher She rose to prominence in the mid-1960s as half of the pop duo Sonny and Cher, later emerging as a susccessful solo artist, television star, and later, film actress. In a career that has now surpassed 40 years, Cher has emerged a legendary pop icon who continues to charm audiences around the globe, constantly on the public forefront.

From sequined spectacle to luminous Oscar-winner; TV vamp to Billboard's longest running chart-topper, Cher's success in music, film, television, and on stage qualifies her as one of the most enduring entertainers of our time. In a career defined, and redefined as much by dramatic missteps and spectacular recoveries, the chief constant has been her seemingly limitless determination.

1963 — 1970: Beginnnings: Sonny and Cher

Cherilyn first met Sonny Bono in a Los Angeles coffee shop in 1963, when she was just 17. The much older Sonny (he was 28) was already working for record producer Phil Spector at Gold Star Studios. The two became friends and eventually lovers, and through Sonny, Cher (as she was called early on for short) eventually got to sing back-up on several of Spector’s classic recordings.

With Sonny writing, arranging and producing the songs, Sonny and Cher’s first incarnation was as the duo "Ceasear and Cleo". They received little attention. They later re-emerged as "Sonny and Cher", and released their first album Look at Us in the summer of 1965. This album contained the overnight smash and eventual #1 single "I Got You Babe" (US #1, 1965). Cher was 19 years old.

Several more Top 40 hits would follow, including "Baby, Don’t Go" (US #8, 1965), "Just You" (US #20, 1965), "But You're Mine" (US #15, 1965), "Little Man" (US #21, 1966), and "The Beat Goes On" (US #6, 1967) from the albums The Wonderous World of Sonny and Cher (1966), and In Case You’re In Love (1967).

While initially perceived as the slightly awkward and under-estimated half of the popular singing duo, Cher quickly rose to prominence as the more outspoken, daring and provocative half of the husband-and-wife singing team. With her dark, exotic looks, she became a fashion trend-setter, quickly popularizing fashion bellbottoms, and incorporating ‘hippie’ attire and eccentric gowns and elaborate costumes into their live shows.

Meanwhile, also in 1965, Cher released her first solo record All I Really Want To Do which charted her first solo US Top 40 hit, a cover of Bob Dylan's "All I Really Want to Do" (US #15, 1965). She followed up with "Where Do You Go" (US #25, 1965) and "Bang, Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down!)" (US #2, 1966)the feature film title track "Alfie" (US #32, 1966) and "You Better Sit Down Kids" (US #9, 1967) from the albums The Sonny Side of Cher (1966), Cher (1966), Backstage (1967), With Love…Cher (1968), and 3614 Jackson Highway (1969).

To capitalize on the duo’s success, Sonny penned their first feature film (themed similarily to The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine) Good Times in 1967, in which the duo starred. The film was a flop. Sonny and Cher's career had stalled by 1968, and album sales were quickly drying up. Their gentle, easy-listening pop sound and anti-drug policy had become unpopular in an era becoming increasingly consumed with the psychedelic rock that came with the overall evolutionary change in the landscape of American pop culture during the late 1960's.

Sonny and Cher welcomed their first child, Chastity Bono, born 1969-03-04. The duo made another unsuccessful foray into film later in 1969 with Bono writing and producing the film Chasity, meant as a dramatic debute for Cher as a solo star. That film (directed by first and only-time director Alessio De Paulo) was also considered a commercial failure.

The 1970’s: Television and Solo Stardom

In 1970, Sonny and Cher starred in their first television special, The Sonny and Cher Nitty Gritty Hour. A mixture of slapstick comedy, skits and live music, the show was a critical success, which led to numerous guest spots on other early 70’s hit television shows. Having caught the eye of CBS head of programming Fred Silverman while guest-hosting on The Merv Griffin Show, he offered the duo their own variety show.

The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour debuted in 1971 as a summer replacement series. It returned to primetime later that year and was an immediate hit, quickly reaching the Top Ten in their time slot. The show received numerous Emmy Award nominations throughout its three year run on CBS.

The duo also revived their recording career, releasing the albums Sonny and Cher Live (1971), All I Ever Need Is You (1972), Live in Las Vegas (1972), and Mama Was a Rock and Roll Singer — Papa Used to Write All Her Songs (1973), while charting two more Top 10 hits: "All I Ever Need Is You" (US #7, 1971) "A Cowboys' Work Is Never Done" (US #8, 1972) and the Top 40 hit "When You Say Love" (US #32, 1973).

Cher, then 25, continued to establish herself as a solo recording artist with the help of producer Snuff Garrett, and charted her first solo #1 hit with the song "Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves" (US #1, 1971), from the album Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves, also released in 1971. She followed up with the albums Foxy Lady (1972) and Bittersweet White Light (1973), before scoring two more #1 hits with "Half-Breed" (US #1, 1973, now a signature song), and "Dark Lady" (US #1, 1974) from the two albums of the same name.

She released her first Greatest Hits (1974) album at the end of 1974.

By the third season of the Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour in early 1974, the marriage of Sonny and Cher began to fall apart, and the duo separated later that year. The show also therefore fell apart, while still at the top of the ratings. What followed was a nasty and very public divorce.

Bono launched his own show, The Sonny Comedy Review in the fall of 1974 while Cher also announced plans to host and star in a new variety TV series of her own. Bono’s show was abruptly cancelled, however, after only six weeks.

The Cher show debuted as an elaborate, all-star television special — broadcast 1975-02-16 featuring Flip Wilson, Bette Midler and special guest Elton John in a rare prime-time appearance. Cloris Leachman and Jack Albertson both won Emmy Awards for their appearances as guest-stars a few weeks later. A lot of press was generated throughout 1975 about Cher's exposed bellybutton, as it had never been done on television before.

The Cher show ran for one and a half seasons, before ending in early 1976 due to a drastic drop in ratings. Cher pulled the plug herself, before attempting to reunite with her ex-husband for a revamped version of The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour. On 1976-02-01, The Sonny and Cher Show debuted to Top 10 ratings and high expectations, but was abruptly cancelled early in the following season due to poor ratings.

Cher released the albums Stars (1975), I'd Rather Believe In You (1976), and Cherished (1977), though none of these albums were considered a critical or commercial success. Despite this, Stars is often said to be a fan favorite. Cher, at 29, famously married rock musician Gregg Allman in 1975, (a founding member of the Allman Brothers Band). They had one son, Elijah Blue Allman, born on 1976-07-10. Together, they also released one album, Two The Hard Way — Allman and Woman (1977), but this project too was not considered a critical or commercial success. The couple separated for good by 1978.

Cher was then linked to a series of high-profile men, including record executive David Geffen, Gene Simmons of the rock band KISS, and guitarist Les Dudek. She made a brief return to prime-time starring in the television specials Cher…Special in 1978 (for which guest-star Dolly Parton won an Emmy Award) and Cher…and Other Fantasies in 1979. Also signed to Casablanca Records, Cher went disco and scored yet another Top 10 hit with "Take Me Home" (US #8, 1979) from the the album Take Me Home (1979). The album was partially boosted by the image of a scantily-clad Cher in a Viking outfit on the album’s cover.

For her second Casablanca release, Prisoner (1979), Cher took it all off on the album's cover, igniting a firestorm of controversy with women's rights groups for her "sex slave" image. That album produced no hit singles.

The 1980’s: Movie Stardom and Muscial Comeback

In 1980, Cher, at age 34, formed the rock band Black Rose with her then-partner, guitarist Les Dudek, and released the album Black Rose (1980) by year's end. The album was a dismal failure, despite an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, and the band broke up the following year.

In 1982, Cher released the critically and commercially panned I Paralyze (1982), again despite appearances on American Bandstand and The Tonight Show. Once again, album sales were underwhelming. With album sales and hit singles again at a standstill, Cher decided to expand her career into serious film acting. Her entertainment ambitions had always lain in film, as opposed to music. She found herself in an uphill battle trying to land credible roles for a woman now in her mid-thirties with little acting experience. At the time, Cher was quoted as saying that she didn’t really care if she ever made another record.

In 1982, at 36, Cher landed her first major role in a Broadway production of Come Back to the Five-and-Dime Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean. Her performance was critically praised, and she was later cast in the film version directed by famed Hollywood director Robert Altman.

She was next cast alongside Meryl Streep and Kurt Russell in the critically acclaimed drama Silkwood, for which she received her first Academy Award nomination, for Best Supporting Actress. For this film, she also won the Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture — Drama.

Her next film was a starring role in the critically-acclaimed Mask (1985), also considered a commercial success, alongside Eric Stoltz, Laura Dern and Sam Elliott. For her role of a mother of a severely disfigured boy, Cher won the Best Actress prize at the Cannes Film Festival. In 1987, she starred in three films: the thriller Suspect (1987), with Dennis Quaid; the fantasy film The Witches of Eastwick (1987), with Jack Nicholson, Susan Sarandon and Michelle Pfeiffer; and the romantic comedy Moonstruck with Nicholas Cage and Olympia Dukakis.

For Moonstruck, she won the 1989 Academy Award for Best Actress, the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Musical/Comedy and the Favoritie Film Actress at the People’s Choice Awards. Also in 1987, at the age of 41, Cher somewhat unwillingly revived her recording career after a five-year hiatus, under the suggestion and coordination of rock producer and A&R; man John Kalodner. Under a new recording contract with Geffen records, Cher released the first of three highly successful rock albums, under the executive production of Kalodner and featuring writing contributions from the likes of Diane Warren, Jon Bon Jovi, Richie Sambora, Desmond Child, and Michael Bolton.

Cher, released in 1987, featured the Top 10 comeback single "I Found Someone" (US #10, 1987), which had previously been a minor hit for Laura Branigan, and the Top 20 hit "We All Sleep Alone" (US #14, 1988). This album was eventualy certified platinum.

In 1989, at 43, Cher released the album Heart of Stone, which featured three more Top 10 hits, "If I Could Turn Back Time" (US #3, 1989); "After All" (US #6, 1989), a duet with Peter Cetera; "Just Like Jesse James" (US #8, 1989); and the Top 20 hit "Heart of Stone" (#20, 1990). This album was eventually certified triple platinum. She also launched "The Heart of Stone Tour" which played throughout 1989 and 1990 in various parts of the world. During this time, she starred in the television special Cher — Live at the Mirage, filmed during a live concert in Las Vegas.

The 1990’s: Evolution of a Diva

In 1991, Cher completed her Geffen recording contract by releasing the album Love Hurts (1991). This album produced the Top 20 hit "Love and Understanding" (US #17, UK#6 1991) and 2 more Top 40 hits: a re-working of "The Shoop Shoop Song" (US #33, UK #1 1991) and "Save Up All Your Tears" (US #37, 1991). This album was also eventually certified platinum. Cher embarked on the "Love Hurts Tour" throughout 1991 and into 1992. Cher starred in the film Mermaids (1991) with Bob Hoskins, Wynona Ryder, and a then 9 year old Christina Ricci, making her film debut. The film was a moderate success.

By 1992, at the age of 46, Cher took some time off, following what was widely reported as either a case of Epstein-Barr Virus or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. She made very few public appearances during this period, with the notable exception she made to help her friend Lori Davis launch a hair-care line via a series of infomercials. Many critics say they had a negative impact on her career.

Though Cher only made cameo appearances in the Robert Altman films Ready to Wear (1992) and The Player (1994), she was back full-time by 1996. At age 50, she released the album It's a Man's World (1996). Though praised by critics as a departure from her Geffen-era style, it was mostly overlooked by her fans.

She also produced and recorded an independent alternative-rock album entitled Not.Com.mercial (pronounced "not-dot-com-mercial"). This album was written entirely by Cher after she attended a songwriting retreat in France back in 1994. The album was quickly rejected by record labels for being "not commercial", so Cher chose to sell the recording exclusively through her website. This also marked the first time that Cher wrote the material for an entire album.

She starred in the poorly-received film Faithful (1996) with Ryan O'Neal and Chazz Palminteri. Also in 1996, Cher co-executive-produced the highly-anticipated, slightly controversial HBO abortion drama If These Walls Could Talk (1996) with actress Demi Moore. She also co-starred and directed in one of the film’s three segments, earning a Golden Globe Nomination as Best Supporting Actress in a made-for-television movie.

Cher was in London in January of 1998 when a call from her daughter Chastity brought the shocking news of Sonny Bono's death in a skiing accident. He was 62. Photograghed in tears as she fled through Heathrow Airport back to Los Angeles, the media seemingly appointed Cher his widow, though they had been apart for 24 years and he was long remarried, and then married again with a fourth wife and a new career as a popular congressman. Nonetheless, under a slew of media attention, Cher accepted an invitation to deliver the eulogy. The funeral, unbeknownst to Cher, was also broadcast live on CNN. In front of millions, she praised the man who had been father, friend, partner, husband, and foe. Despite charges of opportunism Cher continued to openly mourn, also paying tribute to Bono in the sentimental CBS special Sonny and Me: Cher Remembers (1998), calling her grief "something I never plan to get over".

In 1998, at the age of 52, Cher released the much-hyped album Believe(1998), widely reported to be targeted towards her immense gay following. The album marked an extreme departure for Cher, as the record was a sparkling collection of up-tempo dance tracks, conjured up by a large and mixed team of lesser-known, mostly European producers.

The first single and title track "Believe" quickly became a worldwide smash, easily becoming Cher’s biggest hit, reaching #1 in 23 countries around the world. In the United Kingdom, "Believe" stayed at No. 1 in the charts for seven weeks and became the all-time biggest-selling single ever by a solo female artist in the UK. It also became Cher’s fourth solo #1 single in US and fifth US #1 overall.

This achievement made Cher the oldest woman (at 52) to have a #1 hit in the rock era, and also gave her the distinction of having the longest span of #1 hits (33 years) as well as the largest gap between #1’s (24 years). She also earned the distinction of being the only female artist to have had Top 10 hits in each of the past four successive decades. The Believe album was eventually certified quadruple platinum, and is believed to have sold at least another 12 million copies worldwide. Another single, "All or Nothing" (US #38, 1998), having cracked the Top 40, brought Cher’s total number of Top 40 hits to 23, not including those attained with Sonny.

In January 1999, Cher performed "The Star-Spangled Banner" in front of tens of millions around the world for Super Bowl XXXII. She received rave reviews for the performance. Cher won her first Grammy Award in Feburary 1999 for Best Dance Recording for the song "Believe". The album was also nominated in four other categories, including Record of the Year, as well as being nominated for numerous other music awards.

Sonny and Cher also received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for Television later in 1999. Cher appeared at the event with Mary Bono, who accepted the award on behalf of her late husband. Cher performed on the highly-rated television special Divas Live 1999, and appeared onstage in a memorable performance alongside contemporaries Tina Turner and Elton John. Cher co-starred in the critically-acclaimed Tea With Mussolini (1999) with Judi Dench, Maggie Smith, Joan Plowright and Lily Tomlin, before embarking on the successful worldwide "Believe Tour", which toured throughout the US, Canada, Europe, and Australia. The Emmy-nominated television special Cher: Live at the MGM Grand In Las Vegas aired by year’s end.

The 2000’s: Cher — Show Business ‘Survivor’ Emerges

The "Believe Tour" continued throughout 2000, becoming Cher’s most successful tour. In May of 2000, Cher received the Lifelong Contribution to the Music Industry Award at the World Music Awards. In February of 2002, still in dance mode, she released the highly anticipated follow-up to Believe. Living Proof entered the Billboard album chart at #9, making it her highest-charting album debut. This also gave Cher a Billboard album chart span of more than 37 years. While not nearly as commercially successful as its predesessor, with no singles reaching the Top 40, Living Proof still included several re-mixed songs which found their way onto the Hot Dance, Maxi-Single Sales, Club Play and AC charts. The album was eventually certified gold. In May of 2002, Cher again performed on the HBO telvesion special Divas2002: Divas Las Vegas.

In June of 2002, at the age of 56, Cher announced plans for the "Living Proof Farewell Tour", which she claimed would be the final live tour of her career, though she vowed to continue recording and releasing music. The tour kicked off in June of 2002 and faced overwhelmingly positive reviews right from the start. Repeat performances were added in several major cities. It was extended numerous times, continuing throughout all of 2003, all of 2004, and even into 2005. Cher performed on New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas in both 2004 and 2005. The tour became the most successful tour ever by a female artist, grossing over 250 million dollars, and playing to over 3 million people around the world, including the U.S., Mexico, Canada, Europe (16 countries), Australia, and New Zealand. Cher finished big, performing two shows in April 2005 at the Hollywood Bowl. Her performance there was 325 shows and nearly three years after the tour first began, and 40 years after Sonny and Cher had first performed there.

Also in 2002, she won the Dance/Club Play Artist of the Year and the special Artist Achievement Award at the Billboard Music Awards. In April of 2003, she released The Very Best of Cher, a double CD collection of all of her greatest hits spanning her entire career. This album peaked at #4 on the Billboard album chart, and again extended her album chart span to over 38 years. By July, it had been certified platinum, and later, double platinum. She found success on television once again in the spring of 2003 with Cher: The Farewell Tour Live From Miami. It was later nominated for 7 Emmy Awards. In the fall of 2003, Cher won her first Emmy Award for Outstanding Variety, Music or Comedy Special for the special.

She released the album Live: The Farewell Tour later in 2003, a collection of live tracks taken from the tour, and could be seen playing as herself in the Farelly Brothers comedy Stuck on You (2003) with Matt Damon and Greg Kinnear. Also in 2003, Cher recorded a duet with Rod Stewart, "Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered" for his album As Time Goes By... The Great American Songbook Volume II, which reached the Top 20 on the Adult AC chart. In February 2004, at 57, she received another Grammy Award nomination for Best Dance Recording for her song "Love One Another".

2005 — Present: Current Projects
Since winding down her final grand-scale concert tour, the highly successful 325-date "Living Proof Farewell Tour" in April of 2005, Cher has mainly kept a low profile. She said it would be her last major outing as a peformer. Cher, as of of early 2006, was reportedly working on a new album, supposedly a rock-oriented album that would be produced by John Kalodner, in the style of Heart of Stone and Love Hurts from her Geffen recording period. There were also unsubstantiated reports circulating around the internet that Cher would pose nude for a men’s magazine in honor of her 60th birthday.

She will play the role of one of a quartette of cosmetics saleswomen in "In the Pink," due for release in 2007. It was also announced that Cher would be playing "Mother Pennywise" in 2007's The House. The character "Pennywise" is the psychotic clown from Steven King's novel "It". But horror movies aside, her longevity is the inspiration for this quote, by gay impressionist Jimmy James "After a nuclear holocaust, all that will be left are cockroaches and Cher". [1]

As a Gay Icon

Cher has emerged as something of a gay icon in popular culture, a status assisted by her openly lesbian daughter Chastity Bono. [1] [2] The NBC sitcom Will & Grace has acknowledged her status by making her the idol of gay character Jack McFarland. Cher guest-starred as herself twice on the sitcom, in 2001 and 2002. On October 4th, 2005, the Bravo program Great Things About Being... declared Cher the #1 greatest thing about being gay.

Political interests

On October 27th, 2003, Cher anonymously called C-SPAN during a phone-in. She recounted a visit she had made to maimed soldiers at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center and criticized the deficiency of media coverage and government attention given to injured servicemen. Cher also remarked that she watches C-SPAN every day. Though she simply identified herself as an unnamed entertainer with USO, she was recognized by the C-SPAN host, who subsequently questioned her about her 1992 support for independent presidential candidate Ross Perot. In 1996, Cher appeared on C-SPAN as part of a national AIDS awareness event.



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 1999 — "All or Nothing" US #38; UK/Europe 12; Top 10 Rumaenien/Finnland/Jogoslawien/Denmark; Norway #19

 1999 — "Dovи lAmore" UK #21; Top 10 Europe/Italy/Rumaenien/Finnland/Spain/Creeze

 2001 — "The Music's No Good Without You" Russia #1;UK #8 Top 10 Canada/Italy/Taiwan/Portugal; Top 20 Sweden/Norway/Europe/Finland

 2002 — "Alive Again" Germany #27; Israel #8; Norway #32; Swiss #80

 2002 — "Song For The Lonely" Hot US #85; US Maxi-Single #1; US POP #7; Canada #18

 2002 — "A Different Kind of Love Song" US Maxi-Single #2

 2003 — "When The Moneys Gone/Love One Another" US Maxi Single #2

DVDs in Music Videos and Concert

 VH1 Divas Live 99 (DVD Release 1999)

 Cher: Live in Concert (Las Vegas, the "Believe" Tour 1999) (DVD Release 1999)

 VH1 Divas Las Vegas (DVD Release 2002)

 Cher: The Farewell Tour Live in Miami (DVD Release 2003)

 The Very Best of Cher DVD Edition (DVD Release 2004)

 Cher: Live at the Mirage (Las Vegas, the "Heart of Stone" Tour 1990) (DVD Release 2005)


 Wild on the Beach (1965)

 Good Times (1967)

 Chastity (1969)

 Come Back to the Five and Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean (1982)

 Silkwood (1983)

 Mask (1985)

 The Witches of Eastwick (1987)

 Suspect (1987)

 Moonstruck (1987)

 Mermaids (1990)

 The Player (1992) (Cameo)

 Prкt-а-Porter (1994) (Cameo)

 Faithful (1996)

 Tea with Mussolini (1999)

 Mayor of the Sunset Strip (documentary) (2003)

 Stuck On You (2003)

 In the Pink (2007) (currently in pre-production)

 The House (2007) (currently in pre-production)

DVDs in Film

 The Witches of Eastwick (DVD Release 1997)

 Moonstruck (DVD Release 1998)

 Tea With Mussolini (DVD Release 1999)

 Mermaids (DVD Release 2001)

 Suspect (DVD Release 2001)

 Silkwood (DVD Release 2003)

 Stuck On You (DVD Release 2004)

 Faithful (DVD Release 2004)

 Mask (DVD Release 2004)

 Chastity (DVD Release 2004)

 Good Times (DVD Release 2004)

Television work

 The Sonny & Cher Nitty Gritty Hour (1970)

 The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour (1971-1974)

 Cher (1975-1976)

 The Sonny and Cher Show (1976-1977)

 Cher... Special (1978)

 Cher... and Other Fantasies (1979)

 Cher... at the Mirage (1990)

 VH1 Divas Live 99 (1999)

 Cher: Live in Concert from Las Vegas (1999)

 VH1 Divas Las Vegas (2002)

 Cher: The Farewell Tour (2003) (also executive producer)

DVDs in Television

 Sonny & Cher — the Ultimate Collection (DVD Release 2003)

 Sonny & Cher — the Christmas Collection (DVD Release 2004)


 1989 — Academy Award — Best Actress — Moonstruck

 1974 — Golden Globe Award — Best TV Actress — Musical/Comedy — Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour

 1984 — Golden Globe Award — Best Supporting Actress — Silkwood

 1987 — Golden Globe Award — Best Actress — Moonstruck

 1985 — Cannes Film Festival — Best Actress — Mask

 2003 — Emmy Award — Outstanding Variety, Music or Comedy Special — Farewell Tour

 1999 — Grammy — Best Dance Recording — Believe

 1999 — Hollywood Walk of Fame — For TV — Sonny and Cher

 1991 — Echo "German Grammy Award" — best International Female Singer

 1999 — Echo "German Grammy Award" — best International Female Singer

 2001 — Bambi — most successful Female Singer in History

 2004 — Women's World Award — one of the most successful actresses/singers

 2000 — World Music Award — Lifelong Contribution to the Music Industry award

Surveys & polls

 1999 — Pollstar's Top Tours "North American" # 6

 2002 — Pollstar's Top Tours "North American" # 2

 2003 — Pollstar's Top Tours "North American" # 3

 2004 — Pollstar's Top Tours "North American" # 17

 2005 — Pollstar's Top Tours "North American" # 7

 1977 — 10 Celebrities, Girls Want to Be #8

 70ґs — AAFRPS Ideal Face of the 1970's # 3

 2004 — E!'s 101 Most Starlicious Makeovers # 3

 1986 — High Society's 30 Sexiest Celebrities #1

 1986 — Hollywood Square Celebrities [1966-82] #1

 1992 — Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum's 5 Most Beautiful Women of History #2

 2002 — Netscape's Top 10 Double Threats #1

 1975 — People Magazine Best Seller of the Year #1

 1976 — People Magazine Best Seller of the Year #1

 People Magazine Cover Champs # 11 (Vote ranking #1)

 1975 — People Magazine's 25 Most Intriguing People #1

 1987 — People Magazine's 25 Most Intriguing People #1

 2004 — Top 10 Shortest Celebrity Marriages #3 (Vote ranking #1)

 TV Guide's 50 Sexiest Stars #13

 2003 — USA Today Pop Candy's 100 People of the Year #19 (Vote ranking #1)

 VH-1/TV Guide's 100 Greatest Moments that Rocked TV #20; #59; #87 (Vote ranking #1; #2; #3)

VH-1's 25 Greatest Rock Star Cameos #2 (Vote ranking #1)

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