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Elvis Presley Urban legends article page
of the Elvis Presley biography story

ElvisPresleyPicture This Elvis Presley biography Elvis Presley Urban legends page is dedicated to providing quality Elvis Presley biography information, pictures and articles for your entertainment. The contents of this Elvis Presley site is written by a fan for his fans about Elvis Presley Urban legends.

There is a widespread belief that Elvis≈who was known by his first name≈did not die in 1977.

Many fans persist in claiming he is still alive, that he went into hiding for various reasons. This claim is allegedly backed up by thousands of so-called Elvis sightings that have occurred in the years since his death

Elvis Presley biography, Elvis Presley Urban legends, Elvis Presley picture, Critics of the theory state that a number of Elvis impersonators can easily be mistaken for Elvis and that the urban legend is merely the result of fans not wanting to accept his death.

The main facts given in support of Elvis faking his death are:

 On his grave, his middle name Aron is mispelled. The double 'A' was removed after his twin brother Jesse Garon was stillborn, Elvis' parents went to great lengths to have it changed on the official birth certificate.

 Hours after Elvis' death was announced, a man by the name of Jon Burrows (Elvis' traveling alias) purchased a one way ticket with cash to Buenos Aires.

Elvis Presley still alive urban legend Background

Presley was born in January 1935, so his projected age would not preclude the possibility that Elvis is still alive (as of 2006, he would be 71 years old).

Critics of this would state that a number of Elvis impersonators can easily be mistaken for Elvis and that Elvis' fans merely don't want to believe he is actually dead.

Most people who believe Elvis is still alive posit that Elvis is spending the remainder of his life in solitude somewhere in the United States. Others posit extraterrestrial involvement, although these conspiracy theories may simply be an exercise in self-parody.

One meta-theory holds that stories of Elvis sightings are circulated by the CIA to discredit in advance stories of secret government weapons and activities. "Yeah, you saw a black plane that left regular puffballs of smoke behind it, and, by the way, Elvis just bought a doughnut in Kenosha."

Elvis Presley lives — Media Examples

There have been many documented sightings of Elvis over the years and this has been a great source of inspiration for the mass media to draw upon.

It is mainly to do with the unique iconic status that Elvis holds in society and that people still fail to grow tired about media articles about his life and works.

Elvis Presley myth Books

In 1987, Gail Brewer Giorgio wrote a book, Is Elvis Alive?, discussing the matter. She invited people to phone a premium-rate number to listen to her proof that he is.

After one heard the proof, the caller would be instructed to make another premium-rate call to vote on if they believed Elvis was alive.

Television about Elvis Presley urban legends.

Various television shows have also had a field day poking fun at the urban legend, some examples of this are listed below:

 In an episode of the sitcom ALF, Alf believed that his neighbor was actually Elvis after he took a peanut butter and banana sandwich.

 The TV show Eerie Indiana featured Elvis in the show's introduction, suggesting that he was alive and well living in 'Eerie'.

 The BBC television show called Give My Head Peace had a Christmas special entitled "The King and I"[1]. This featured a plot line of Elvis saving one of the characters (Andy) from a very dangerous situation. After telling his friends the story, everyone is convinced that he is suffering from mental illness and in a bid to save him from the psychiatric ward, Mervyn (Andy's friend) takes him to Graceland to show him Elvis' grave and shock him back to reality. The plan backfires and Andy insists on digging up Elvis' coffin to check inside. After being chased back to Belfast, Mervyn is shocked into believing Andy in a comedy ending when Elvis himself (played by impersonator Martin Fox[2]) pops around to check if Andy is OK.

 In an early episode of In Living Color, they poked fun at Elvis sightings making a short spoof documentary similar to ones showing expeditions to find Bigfoot.

 In 1991 and 1992, actor/director Bill Bixby (who starred in two movies with Presley and was also one of Elvis' close friends) hosted a program live from Las Vegas titled The Elvis Files. People called in to ask questions to an "expert panel" on why they thought Elvis was alive. Radio shock jock Howard Stern even called in to make fun of the program. At the end of the show, the final results of the call-in poll stated people believed Elvis was alive.

 On an episode of The New WKRP in Cincinnati, someone called Les Nesman claimed to be Elvis, which later turned out to be a joke by a rival station.


Perhaps the idea of Elvis' non-death was taken to its logical conclusion in the 2002 movie Bubba Ho-tep in which Bruce Campbell plays a man in a nursing home who claims to be the real Elvis, and to have switched places with an Elvis impersonator named Sebastian Haff in the early 1970s.

In another theory mentioned by the movie Men in Black and Men in Black 2, it is mentioned that "The King is not dead, he just went home" (implying that Elvis was an alien who returned to his native planet).

Elvis Presley Lives Trivia
In a bizarre footnote to the phenomenon, a large portrait of Elvis was seen in Iraq in June 2004, along with portraits of prominent Islamic figures.

Former bass back-up singer J.D. Sumner was one of the pallbearers at Elvis' burial service in 1977. He claims that Elvis' body was in the casket.

There is an official Elvis Sighting Society which is based at the Newport Restaurant in the Westboro section of Ottawa, Ontario. Restaurant Owner Moe Atallah is one of the founders of the group.

Sightings of Elvis in the Yukon Territory are completely believable, since "Tagish" Elvis Presley, a local resident, has not only legally adopted the name, but dresses as Elvis and believes he is a reincarnation of Elvis.

Many people have noticed that "Elvis" and "Lives" are anagrams of each other.

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ElvisPresleyPicture This autobiography page is dedicated to providing quality Elvis Presley biography information, pictures and articles for your entertainment. The contents of this Elvis Presley biography site is written by a fan for his fans.

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